Below are some common mistakes developers make while development. Most of these mistakes will not impact the functionality of the application so tendency is to make the mistake subconsciously. Security should be by design and it is not something we should integrate after the development.

OWASP guidelines should be taken as high priority in addition to this list.

Virtual Queue Management System

This technical whitepaper is an attempt to design an architecturally near perfect virtual queue application.


During the Corona virus pandemic lock down in 2020, Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited, aka KSBC decided to introduce a virtual queue system, a mobile app to resume the sale of Liquor, Beer and Wine but also same time making sure the state wide lock down protocol is followed, especially social distancing. But due to various reasons the said mobile app became a fiasco (as on 30 May 2020).

As a citizen & netizen, and more over a technology enthusiast, I was following all the…

Praveen Nair

Program Director at Adfolks | Technology Enthusiast, Microsoft rMVP, PMP

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